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From Brandywine Community News:
When I first met Clella Murray, she impressed me as a lovely gray-haired lady who was probably someone’s grandmother. Then I read her first book and was blown away.  C. B. Murray (as the cover lists her name) is an amazingly good mystery writer whose knowledge of technical, scientific subjects is uncanny and who uses that knowledge to dream up the most interesting science fiction whodunits I have ever read.
 Murray’s latest book is called VX: A Deadly Mist, and is a thriller.  Like her last title, A Pox on You (about a possible smallpox epidemic) this story deals with the possibility that the world could be harmed by lethal gas.  In this day and age that is not fiction.  Her plot about chemical weapons reads like front page of a newspaper.
 Cleverly and carefully the Newark resident weaves a tale of intrigue, which may be simplistic at times but nonetheless is riveting and keeps you on the edge of your seat.  The detailed dialogue and images are paired with some real human interest and is very easy reading.  This would be a great book to take to the beach.

From Hockessin Community News:
A Pox on You (published in 2002) was so well received that it was a national winner in the annual Federation of Press Women communication contest. Her book is erudite, thought provoking and exceedingly well written and has you on the edge of your seat. Another book “A Second helping of Magic”, however is completely opposite.  A whimsical, frothy, pseudo romance, it also contains a number of actual recipes supposedly used by the heroine according to Murray a “magic food, to, when eaten, bring out someone’s true personality.”
 She uses several excellent devices in this book. Such as letters written by two people describing the same event from totally different points of view.  This is a clever and funny novel.  Whichever of Murray’s books you may choose to read, I think you will agree she is a talented Delaware writer.

From Lifestyle:
What do you get when you combine a stockpile of aging chemical weapons, rumors of government leaders sponsoring terrorist’s attacks and an undercover French agency?  A thriller novel? Definitely!

Reader Comments
These are some comments I have received from my readers.  Would love to hear from you and get your impressions. 

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Comments on Humorous Adventures:

I just finished reading your book and couldn’t wait to write you. Was your mother a great cook and did she weave magic in?  I was quite intrigued with the cookies made with castor oil.  The other recipes in the book sound interesting.  You managed to incorporate your mother’s recipes into this intriguing book.

I hurry to tell you that I enjoyed your book immensely!  It was wonderful entertainment, light, but warm hearted and delightfully witty.  Ib is already addicted to brownies, but I have been contemplating baking pineapple squares!

Loved reading the adventures of Arden and her family, especially the eccentric mother with her magical recipes.  I haven’t tried them yet, but plan to wow people with them when the opportunity arises. Could picture all the characters at Longwood Gardens in the beginning of chapter 5.

I just finished your book and it is delightful! I love a light hearted, interesting read and this is perfect!  Can hardly wait to read your next one – keep writing!

I’ve always been a reader, but need to go off by myself for “quiet” to concentrate.  Your book I read on the couch with John watching TV and Brian’s “music” going on in his room.  I had no problem concentrating.  I loved the story, the characters, and the recipes.  I wouldn’t have changed a thing about the book. And the only thing I was disappointed in was when I came to the last page and it was over.  It left me wanting more, maybe a second and third book.  I also look forward to making the recipes (except maybe the castor oil cookies).

I am especially enjoying your book!  Can hardly wait to get the next one….  I think our mother is wonderful… and am ready to try those recipes.  I’ll be very careful to share them with only the safest people.

I am enjoying your book.  It was a clever idea.  I hope to try the goodies when I have company or the children come to visit.

Am half-way through and enjoying it very much.  In fact, I can think of several meetings where a batch of castor oil cookies might have made a difference.

…Your book, A Bite of Magic.  It’s a great idea for a book, and for someone like me who loves to read and cook, it’s a perfect addition to my bookshelf!

I am so pleased to have the copy of your latest, A Second Helping of Magic.  I started reading it and it is just as enjoyable and charming as the first ‘bite’.

I just now finished the book….I love the dry sense of humor and the clever names of your recipes…I really like the addition of discussion questions at the end…it should encourage book clubs to buy it.

Comments on Mysteries:

I just finished reading The Chinese Treasure and thoroughly enjoyed it!  Your style is that of a captivating storyteller: three-dimensional characters are very likable, description provides ample mental imagery, and the intriguing plot flows right along. I really believe that your facile use of dialogue is what makes the reading so enjoyable.  Also, I found the interspersed facts about Chinese art and culture fascinating as well as thought-provoking.  And the way you weave it all together and wrap it all up, well, I just got to the end and said, “Wow! That was so good! I can’t wait for Dennis to read it and then I want to loan it to my mother in New Jersey.

I read The Chinese Treasure this week and loved it.  I know the research for the book must have been interesting in Oxford and of course you had to go to China.  I was happy to see the good ole boy from Georgia at the American embassy who helped them hide the treasures.

I was able to sit down one afternoon and start reading – and now the ultimate compliment to your wonderful book – I couldn’t put it down until I got to the end! That is what a good mystery is in my judgment.    You did a superb job in your descriptions of the Chinese area that was placed in.

A Pox on You, which I finished over the weekend.  I found it and a bunch of other books…when we returned from Puerto Rico on Jan. 19. To your credit your book was the fastest read of the group.  The story swept along rapidly and I was finished almost before I knew it. The science of it was beyond me, but I just took it all on faith.

…your first mystery, The ChineseTreasure.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and it has become my treasure….I am truly a mystery buff and especially enjoy “sequels” – I feel like I really get to know the characters.  I like your main players and look forward to ordering the sequel A Pox on You and the following adventures.

I have already read your clever book.  I enjoyed it a lot and am very impressed withal the research you obviously did.  Also, I like the ‘guided tour’ you gave of so many interesting cities.  Of course the timely plot is the biggest selling point for the book, I’m sure.  Congratulations!

Read The ChineseTreasure today.  Really enjoyed relating to all the places in London that were mentioned in the book.  I was trying to figure out what the twists would be in the end.  I didn’t figure any of them out!! I do not think that I would want to be on the wrong side of a certain Chinese lady!! You need to pat yourself on the back for your hard work.  What fun it must have been for you.

I finished your books and they are great. Of course I am partial to the “Chloe” character. Are you working on another one? I sure hope so.  I particularly enjoyed all the travel info.  It makes it seem like you are really in the action so to speak. Much of it must have been based on your travels.  The plots are interesting and the characters are very real. I am glad that it appears to be a series since you become involved with their lives.

Your book, The Chinese Treasure, I really loved it!  Good plot, great characters and felt I learned a lot to boot.  I was really impressed and hope you write more books.