Works In Progress

Watch for the finished books soon!

Noir Mystery Series
The U.S. has lost several nuclear bombs, those dropped  to abort explosions when a plane crashes.  Eleven have never been found. The Noir has to find one in hot competition with foreign terrorists. Richard Moore discovers a stepsister and both try to avert a disaster.

New mystery
A new mystery based in a college town entitled, The Deadly Dolls, starts with a lost suitcase filled with rag dolls. The heroine is involved with drug rings, exploding gas stations and the FBI.

I Was Bad
A picture storybook for very young children explaining a mother’s love.

Sun to Tea (working title)
A fanciful story of a little girl and the sun who visits her. 

Lucky Louie
A squirrel that has the misfortune to have an ugly extra long tail and an adoration of dogs.