Humorous Adventures

A Bite of Magic

When Arden picked her widowed mother up at the airport, she had an ominous feeling. Old rumors in the family attributed magic powers to her mother’s cooking. Every time Arden attended a committee meeting, armed with some of her mother’s baked goods, her apprehension increased. After eating the goodies, people behaved in strange ways and the unexpected happened. Along the way to knowing her mother, her sisters, and herself, Arden watched as her mother collected a noted cardiologist, construction tycoon, restaurant millionaire, and learned judge as "devoted" friends and suitors. For your enjoyment of this humorous reading, Arden has included her mother’s recipes, but reproducing her magic depends on you.


A Second Helping of Magic

Old family rumors attributing magic powers to Arden’s mother’s cooking seem to come true, as Mrs. Day attracts the attention of an English aristocrat, an Oxford professor and a retired general. As Arden comforts her younger sister Alicia through a messy divorce, her mother and older sister Alice spend three months in Europe. While abroad, Arden’s mother, adds to her collection of admirers, as described in A Bite of Magic, a noted cardiologist, a construction tycoon, a restaurant millionaire, and a learned judge.  When some of her American “devoted” friends and suitors meet the European contingent, tempers flair and earnest competition begins. For your enjoyment of this humorous reading, Arden includes her mother’s recipes, but reproducing her magic depends on you.


Matrimonial Magic And Mayonnaise

1 cup of a groom who spends his wedding night in jail,
½ cup of a grandmother whose magic recipes attract older suitors and encourage young lovers, Add 3 Tablespoons of a malicious neighbor intent on political mayhem
Stir in four young lovers, a Texas judge, a heart doctor and a smart, young computer executive.

Mix thoroughly all ingredients and bake in Iowa at a spring temperature. Turn out on a platter on a beach in the summer or by a fire in the winter and read this humorous novel based on an extended Iowa family and exploring the truth that when you visit heaven or a farm or house in Iowa you will be offered food. If no food is offered, then you are not in heaven and certainly not in Iowa! Enjoy!