Childrens Books

Dangerous Journey, Adventures of A Yong Family Traveling West in 1799

Tomboy, Lucy Howe, takes many dangerous journeys. On a sled ride down a steep incline she ends up setting fire to the school house. In a larger adventure, Lucy, and her family, embark on a trip involving raging rivers, unknown people and animals and unforeseen hardships, as they leave  the safety of a farm in Vermont in the late 1700’s and go to Ohio, the first Northwest Territory.   At the age of eleven, Lucy deals with the transition from childhood to adulthood.  She comes to grips with the changes in her body and her emotions. Lucy faces her future growing up in a nation still in formation. Dangerous Journey,  a fictional tale, is based on a true story told in 11-year old Lucy Howe’s journal, published as “Grandma Trowbridge’s Little Book” in 1875.