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C. B. Murray grew up in Iowa, graduated from Smith College, did graduate work at the University of Michigan and performed research work in Oak Ridge, Tennessee where she met her husband. After the birth of two daughters, she moved to Delaware where her husband taught physics at the University of Delaware and Murray wrote the Noir Series of mysteries: Murder at the University was the first murder book written, but was never published, until now. Others include The Chinese Treasure, A Pox on You and VX: A Deadly Mist. She has three books in the magic series: A Bite of Magic, and A Second Helping of Magic. and her latest Matrimonial Magic And Mayonnaise.  Dangerous Journey, her first children's book, won first place in the young adult fiction section from the National Federation of Press Woman.  Murray has published non-fiction in Delaware Today magazine and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

50% of all profits go to the Alzheimer’s Fund..

Clella's Newest Book

Murder at the University

John Paul Davis, a wealthy computer executive and alum of the University returns for the wedding of a favorite professor's daughter. At the wedding reception, he renews his friendship with a beautiful post-doc, Rachel Howard, and an old enemy, Professor Dewit, who extends an insulting invitation for dinner at his home the next evening. Rachel confides in John Paul about some missing lab notes.

John Paul pumps aristocratic Chloe Manning, the owner of a bed & breakfast where he is staying, about Dewit and wife, Marie. Davis hears Marie had a lover, a young midwestern boy. Inadvertently, Davis finds evidence that Chloe Manning was a member of La Fleur Noir, a secret French group of which Davis was once a member.