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C. B. Murray grew up in Iowa, graduated from Smith College, did graduate work at the University of Michigan and performed research work in Oak Ridge, Tennessee where she met her husband. After the birth of two daughters, she moved to Delaware where her husband taught physics at the University of Delaware and Murray wrote the Noir Series of mysteries: Murder at the University was the first murder book written, but was never published, until now. Others include The Chinese Treasure, A Pox on You and VX: A Deadly Mist. She has three books in the magic series: A Bite of Magic, and A Second Helping of Magic. and her latest Matrimonial Magic And Mayonnaise.  Dangerous Journey, her first children's book, won first place in the young adult fiction section from the National Federation of Press Woman.  A new children’s book is Knick Knack, the story of a mischievous elf who puts Santa Land into chaos. Murray has published non-fiction in Delaware Today magazine and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

50% of all profits go to the Alzheimer’s Fund..

Clella's Newest Book

Knick Knack

During the holiday season Knick Knack learns three things.

First you must hold on to your sense of humor. Keeping your jolly’s active helps deal with all the pressures and excitement of the days ahead. Knick Knack’s practical jokes certainly do that.

Second, remember that not all Good children get gifts. One explanation is that they have no one to write to Santa for them. Another reason and a sadder one is no one cares.

The third and most important lesson Knick Knack finds is that it is necessary for all of us to lend a hand as Knick Knack and all the birds and animals did to see all children have a chance for a Merry Christmas.